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What is CoR

CoR (Chain of Responsibility) law means that every party in the heavy vehicle transport (vehicles over 4.5 tonnes) supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities.
On the 1st October the legislation change will mean that there is an obligation to identify and eliminate or minimise potential risks by doing all that is reasonaly practicable to ensure safety.
The change will aligned more closely with Workplace Health and Saftey laws and will also focus on a Risk Management Process.

Understanding your risks and roles and responsbility and demonstrating you are actively applying safety and compliance procedures (must be documented) will validate your intention to
comply with the new CoR Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

We can partner you through the complexities of the new and existing HVNL and assist in education, training and integrating it into your everyday practices. We will not only have you ready
to comply with the federal legistration changes, but will provide ongoing support and monthly updates, reminders, technology improvements and information on industry best practices to
keep you informed along the way.

For more information please contact Mass Management

CoR - Chain of Responsibility - Transport Management CONSULTANTS